About Us

Improving the Quality of Life

We are a private family foundation awarding grants to promote better health care, community projects and wildlife protection. Our purpose is to reach out to those who need assistance in areas where there are little or no resources available. We consider charities that provide aid either by educating, setting up programs or providing necessary supplies.

We serve to partner with our grantees in a way that promotes teamwork and transformation. We pay careful attention to ensure that the nonprofits we support, prosper, and achieve their objectives.

Our Vision

The Frank Family Foundation supports organizations that have a lasting impact on the wellbeing of people and their quality of life. This includes opening up economic opportunities, providing resources to areas of need, while also focusing on wildlife conservation.

Our Mission

We support organizations that improve health, protect wildlife, and support economic growth to meet community needs.


  • Sean Frank
  • Andrea Frank
  • Graeme Frank
  • Kira Frank